I’m assuming you’ve read my “About Me” page and now have an idea of who I am. But why am I writing a blog? Well …

1. I think my life might be interesting to other people. Let’s face it: I’m bizarre. I’m questioning most of the usual assumptions about what makes a successful, happy life in modern Western culture. My dream is the opposite of the American Dream: no white picket fence, no house, only a tiny, geeky, gas-sipping car, no pension, no job security, no job. This point of view should be refreshing to many folks out there, especially in this time of recession, foreclosures, fears about global warming, war, and a changing job market that is making everyone question the 1950s-style American dream. My strange life, plus whatever you’re going through right now, should be fodder for some fascinating discussions.

2. I have trouble answering the typical “Nice to meet ya!” questions: “What do you do?” and “Where do you live?” Any honest answer I can give sounds to my ears like a variation on, “I’m nothing like you, you probably think I’m insane, and I don’t really understand my life, myself.” Thus meeting new people, which should be one of life’s great joys, usually embarrasses and depresses me. I want to learn how to explain myself in a way that doesn’t apologize or make me feel ashamed. If I find that I can’t do this, I’ll know that I’m not living the right life, and I need to change. In that respect, this blog will be a test. I have plenty of space here to explain my philosophy and my lifestyle. You, the online community, can help me decide over time whether it makes sense. Also, in this gentler-than-face-to-face format, I’ll look forward to meeting great new people like you.

3. There are aspects of my life I need to change, and I’d like to think deeply about them and be held accountable for them. I’m on a journey here, looking for the best possible version of this lifestyle—and maybe, on the way, my life will evolve into something more normal. Maybe not. In any case, the deep analysis required of any well-written blog will help guide me towards a better version of myself, and knowing that someone may be out there watching will keep me on track to do what I’ve promised I’d do.

So that’s the plan. Want to come along for the ride?