I knew from the start that I’d want to put up a custom header photo, to make my blog recognizable as my own. Since I move around so often, I’ve decided to put up a photo of wherever I am. As soon as I get to a new place, and I’ve had time to snap a photo and upload it, my header will change to show the view I see every day.

The photo above was taken just outside Longmont, Colorado. Longmont is sort of a suburb of Boulder, a bedroom community where many folks who work in Boulder live (as Boulder is possibly the most expensive city in Colorado, and Colorado isn’t a cheap state), but it’s also the beginning of northern Colorado farm country. So, while I know that this picture could also have been taken in western Kansas, Illinois, or Indiana, this is Colorado, and this is the spirit of the part of Colorado I’m in. Enjoy!

I apologize for the fuzziness of this header. I’m just learning how to use my new (to me) digital camera, a Canon Digital Elph Powershot SD1100 (adorable, tiny little thing, last year’s model, 7.2 megapixels on sale at Radio Shack), and just learning to use iPhoto, too, along with WordPress. I’m not sure why this picture, so clear and crisp in iPhoto, and now as my computer’s desktop wallpaper, is so fuzzy on my blog. Does the size WordPress allows for headers doom me to always having fuzzy photos here? Is there a way to save larger, crisper files into headers?

If anyone out there has advice for me, I’ll be happy to hear it. In the meantime, please enjoy this hazy view of Longmont, Colorado.