I’ve learned that deadlines vary by state, but where I am, in Colorado, and in many other states, TODAY is the deadline to register to vote in order to be eligible for the November 4 election. If you’re mailing in your registration, in most states, the deadline is the day your registration has to be in the mail and postmarked, but please check your state’s rules to be sure.

You can find state-by-state information and a mail-in form at the United States Election Assistance Commission’s web site. You can also find a mail-in form, plus helpful information on special circumstances (like how to register if you don’t have an address!), registration for U.S. citizens overseas, how to request a mail-in ballot, and more at the web site of the League of Women Voters. The League of Woman Voters is my favorite resource for all kinds of non-partisan information for voters. Also check out their site for unbiased information on the candidates’ stances on specific issues, and the lowdown on what all of the ballot issues in your area are really about. Also, to find out if you are already registered to vote, and to check your status (Are you set to get a mail-in ballot? What party are you registered with? and so on), Google “County Clerk and Recorder” for the county you live in.

It should be clear by now which candidates I’m pulling for in this election, but whoever you support (or if you haven’t decided yet), please, please make sure you’re registered to vote, study the issues and the candidates to be sure you’re voting for what you truly believe in, and get out there and vote! I’ve been touched in the past few weeks to see how many people, Democrat, Republican, and other, are working to get record numbers of voters registered this year. They all seem to believe, as I do, that if every eligible citizen registers to vote, then votes for what he or she truly believes in, we will get the right people in office. So again, please register, please think carefully, and please, please vote!